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We Will Make Your Dog Your Closest Friend

Whatever be the breed of dog that you purchase, they all come from one requirement. The need to be trained. You may be made to believe that certain breeds of the dogs don’t require any formal training. You may have been told that you can train the dogs at your home if you buy them young. You may be told that dogs don’t require any training as they are naturally friendly to humans.


All these are untrue statements. They are told to you either to sell you an untrained dog or to make you buy a puppy without thinking about getting it trained. Some people may even be saying these things without the full knowledge about dogs and their training.


As experts with dogs, we can tell you with certainty that all dogs need training for you to experience the full pleasure of having them at home. We are The Dog Listener Consultancy, training dogs in the most scientific manner. Our founders and trainers are highly trained people and have been dealing with dogs for many years.


We can assure you that no dog will become an integral part of your family without the training that it should be given. Dogs are basically wild animals and they are only used to be led by the leader of their pack. Expecting dogs to be obedient since we bought them is not wise at all. We have to help them in being obedient with the right guidance and training.


They need to be trained along with you, to make them understand that you are the leader they should be listening to. We will also train you to use your position as a master to make the obey to all your commands.


There are many issues with puppies which are not trained, like disobedience, incessant barking, chewing things and biting. With our puppy training biting and other issues will get solved and you will get the most friendly and obedient dog in your house. Once they are trained completely they will be able to integrate with your family without any problems. We will also give them the toilet training during our training programs.



Our dog obedience training doesn’t involve any sort of punishment for disobedience. We use friendly methods to make the dog obey. We also don’t use any sort of gadgets to make them obey. Our methods are the most friendly and safe for your dogs. Our method of training is the Amichien Bonding method for which we are the only authorized training school in Singapore.

Source: http://www.doglistenerconsult.com