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Train Them to Integrate with Your House

It is a fact that you want dogs to integrate with your house and become one among you. Only then will you be able to have the complete experience of having a dog around you. It is not enough that the dog remains at your house but doesn’t mingle with any of you closely. Sometimes the dogs refuse to come near you when you call him. Sometimes they refuse to obey your orders.


All these behaviors make you irritated. You have given the dog the best you can give and yet he refuses to be your friend or one in your family. You can see that despite your best efforts the dog is showing signs of restlessness and irritation. He is constantly barking and whining and chewing at everything in the house. The problem is not with the dog. The problem is that you have not given him the necessary training. You have not taken the dog to a good dog training institute and trained him.


Dogs need to be trained by professionals so that they can learn to behave well in a house and among human beings. They are not animals that are naturally used to living among humans. They are wild animals and must be tamed to behave in the way you want. The taming process is called training. At Dog Listener Consultancy, we train the dogs to obey your commands and to be friendly with you. We will train him to obey your orders and to consider you as his leader. Once we have trained him you will see that your dog is the friendliest dog that has made himself a member of your family.


Our group dog training classes use the best methods in the world. We use the dog’s own nature to train him. We don’t use any harsh methods or punishments to make them obey the commands. We also don’t have any gadgets that will punish them if they disobey an order.


We use the internationally famous and accepted Amichien Bonding method to make the dogs friendly and tamed. We will also teach you how to show your leadership and make the dog obey your commands. Apart from the regular training we also provide puppy house training for the puppies that have just started living among humans.